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  • What Not To Wear! Why No Leather?
  • Post author
    Vanessa Inniss-Palmer

What Not To Wear! Why No Leather?

Happy Thursday from Raw Apparel!

We thought we would put together a mini series on why people choose not to wear certain fabrics and different items of clothing. It can be so confusing, especially when you first go vegan, to know what the hell you can still wear in your closet! Some say no leather, but some say vintage leather is fine, some people wear wool and some don't! There are so many opinions on this topic, so we thought we would gather a little bit of information for you so you can make your own decision! Don't worry we'll stick to the main facts so this will be super easy and quick to read!

First though, we thought we would link Kristen Leo's YT video on the subject that we personally found very helpful and we're sure you will too!




Basically leather is made from the skin of any animal really, and as it's technically dead it's susceptible to decomposition. To stop this natural process and to make the 'material' more durable the skin is treated in a process called tanning. Tanning is a heavily toxic process using chemicals such as chromium which is faster and more efficient than the non-toxic vegetable dyes sometimes used. This chemical has been shown to be highly carcinogenic and further leads to respiratory and skin diseases as well. There are several other dangers associated with working in leather factories and the video below tell us more about this.


This next video says more than we could on the topic of the environmental impact of the leather industry. So have a watch as it really exposes the very real and very disturbing effects of the highly toxic chemicals on the environment, especially in Southern India where most leather tanning is done.

The Toxic Price of Leather from Sean Gallagher on Vimeo.


The impact of the leather industry of course predominately affects the animals exploited. Stella Mcartney in this video for PETA talks about the truly disgusting treatment of the animals in the industry.


Now if you're thinking of ditching the leather and animal skins after reading this don't worry we got you! It's 2016 so thank goodness so many amazing companies have popped up with your non leather solution. For a huge list of leather free companies check out PETA's clothing guide, but also head on over to who Raw Apparel (@rawapparelco) follows on Instagram as we've found so many incredible premium quality shoe, bag and clothing companies choosing to use non leather alternatives! And of course as a strict company value we do not use any animal skins or products in any of our clothing!

So that concludes our post this week and we really hope you found this helpful on your journey to becoming a more conscious consumer. Definitely share this with someone who you think needs to hear this, and if you have any questions on the topic definitely email us at

Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to check in next week for who and what Raw Apparel are loving in the Vegan world!


Raw Apparel Xxx

  • Post author
    Vanessa Inniss-Palmer